The IRB Policy Handbook

The IRB Policy Handbook is available to persons or institutions interested in research work regarding the protection of human subjects in medicine or the social sciences in Liberia. It exposes people to new ideas in a wide range of scientific fields, and the decisions and opinions they bring to bear in the area of research. It has implications for individuals and institutions who conduct research activities as well as those who participate in them in Liberia.

The mission of UL-PIRE AFRICA IRB is to help researchers conduct important studies in a way that protects the rights and welfare of research participants. People who do not understand how the IRB should function may think that making IRB determinations requires little more than common sense and good intentions. This is often not the case. As you learn more about research ethics and research regulations, you will understand that many research projects present ethical issues that are not simple to recognize or resolve.

This handbook provides information on a structured approach to evaluating the ethics of research protocols and a clear understanding of the fundamental principles that should be used to determine or accept research proposals.

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