All you need to know about online casinos

Are you looking for the best online gambling experience that can help you save more than you can imagine? Here, we lead you to the topmost online casinos. We bring the most genuine, safe, and authorized online casino portfolio. Our main goal is to make sure that you can take advantage of the best promotions and bonuses offered by casinos. It’s only natural to get overwhelmed with all the casino options available. So, we are here to help you find the best online casino UK.

Online Casino Reviews

It’s not uncommon for players to get dazzled by the graphics and interesting offers of an online casino site. This is why they end up sometimes making a hasty decision to sign up, only to regret it later. However, as you would do when shopping, for say, new tech, you want to compare. Without knowing if the inner cogs and foundation of the online casino are solid, you are likely to have buyers, in this case, player’s remorse. Consider comparison, a necessary step in finding the perfect gaming platform for your needs. But how can you do this? Sure, you can scour the internet for endless reviews on said online casino. Alternatively, you can use what we the experts provide on this platform – in-depth reviews on any legitimate online casino portal. This is the type of help that will guide you through the minefield of overwhelming options. Now, let’s get to the bottom of why it’s important to consider online casino reviews:

Current Rewards And Promotions

Okay, let’s face it. The first impressions an online casino makes is through its online promotions and new player options. These exciting bounties can range from free spins no deposit, online casino no deposit, to other compelling welcome perks. Other interesting bonuses can include the desirable online casino free bonus no deposit. But wait, do these always stay the same? The answer is, NO! Any online casino expert with their weight in gambling chips knows that their casino information needs to be current. Through reading our reviews, you will notice that the information we provide is relevant, current and up-to-date.

This way you aren’t looking at outdated casino promotions, but things that apply to when you want to sign up. It makes it easier for you to make a knowledgeable and comparison decision of all relevant online casinos. Besides, nothing helps players feel at home than being able to nab a cashback bonus, or VIP upgrade while on the site. You’ll get proper information about the rewards for depositing and wagering so that you can make a well-informed decision of the specific online casino. You can then go ahead and sign up for one or two online casinos UK that most interests you. What’s even more enticing is that UK online casinos provide perks and promotions regularly after you sign up. This is so that your enthusiasm never ceases, and you keep coming back.

Software And Online Casino Games

Let’s face it! You aren’t only looking for an online casino just to grab a promotion or two. You want games with plenty of playing options. Be it Poker, Blackjack, Slots or even Sports Betting, you want these to be tilting to your bankroll and over entertainment value. So, whether you’re into Roulette or Baccarat, we’ve got you covered! Why? Because we want to make sure you understand the value of an online casino that uses reputable software providers.

Most casino players are not even aware that game quality and software provider equals better gaming options. It all boils down to reputation by producing quality products, which are also cost-effective. The reason industry and award-winning software producers like Net|Ent, Microgaming, Gamesys, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Thunderkick and others are considered the most sought after software providers, is their tech-savvy nature. Their games are graphically appealing, but they also offer a favourable RTP (return-to-player). Besides producing web-based games, they also work hard to create gaming products for mobile online casinos and live casino games.

A good idea when trying to find the optimal gambling site for you, is to have a think of what types of games you are after. Do you want to play casino games mixed in with a bit of bingo? Then go for a site that offers both types of games. If you want to try out sports betting, then pick a site which offers that.

Customer Support

Casino games are all good and well, but if the handling of players’ issues leave a lot to be desired, then the online casino is a dud. Our online casino reviews inform you of the type of customer support you can expect. An online casino does need to cover the basics like offering email, chat and telephone. We believe that having at least one or more of these helps players feel they are dealing with an online casino that understands their needs. Should a problem either it be game-related, promotions or even technical, getting a speedy response is important. The casinos on our list have even won recognition from the EGR awards for the type of customer support they offer. This is another aspect of gaining a favourable player reputation.

Deposits And Withdrawal

A new account should only be created after knowing all the necessary information and details regarding depositing and withdrawal of the online casino. Our reviews are sure to give you an insight into all the options available. Other essentials include knowing the types of payment methods you can use. Some players prefer using e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller. While others are more interested in options like Google Pay, Apple Pay or even Trustly. Having Pay by phone using Boku can be interesting for more than a few UK players. Well, it is about being able to fund your player account and, in the instance of winning, you want to have no problems getting those funds. Usually, deposits are instantaneous, but making a withdrawal comes with pending times. Online casino sites will usually indicate how long they take to process your withdrawal requests. This is the basic minimum you can expect.

Player Reviews Matter Too

Not everything regarding an online casino needs to be clinical. You can’t only rely on the viewpoint of a casino expert. As with trying to compare one online casino from another, you should apply the same methodology to reviews. Your fellow players also offer ample insight into the online casino they have played on. Granted, these are often problem-based and so can also be considered impartial. Most people often tend to complain more than compliment. However, how a casino shows its transparency is by how they deal with the socially displayed problem. So, if there is anything to take from this, during your research, is that an online casino that resolves a problem, shows you have they treat their players. This is not always about responding to the glowing reviews, but to also address the ones that don’t show the online casino is the best light.

Online Casino Promotions

As we’ve mentioned before, an online casino uses it’s best assets to attract new customers and keep regulars coming back. It’s more than just showing them the latest winners, or the hottest jackpots. These are none other than promotions and bonuses. Joining the online casino means you are being part of their special community. They put out the welcome mat so players can choose them instead of their competitors. Not only this, but the online casino also ensures their gaming portfolio is extensive enough to allow them to offer you just the right promotions.

We know the ins and outs of online casino bonuses. We also know that it is one of the most important things for players when it comes to choosing a new casino, so that’s why we put extra effort into being the most up-to-date and relevant bonus guide in the UK. Here you’ll find information on the various welcome bonuses, cashback offers and VIP-programs the various casinos offers. In our News section you’ll also find information about ongoing promotions for registered players.

Usually, you can look forward to deposit matches, cashback offers and free slots. Other things to note within the online casino promotions section is whether or not they have a VIP program. Some casinos use loyalty point systems where you can convert into prizes or real cash. A noteworthy point that our experts have found, through our years of experience is that players are often selected for the VIP players. This way the online casino can give them special attention by providing them with dedicated managers, higher percentages of cashback, special in-game bonuses, gift vouchers and other customised offers. Here are other offers you will also encounter:

Bonus Spins And Cash

New players on a lot of online casino sites are often eligible for free bonus cash and spins. If you like slot machines, these are perfect for you. After all, a lot of casino players are partial to a 3-reel, 5-reel, or even 7-reel spin. These are the games that offer pleasing graphics and interesting sound effects. Being about to offer players bonus spins the casino can ensure players enjoy free cash bonuses. Now, while this might seem fantastic, you also have to bear in mind that the casino still directs you on how these online casino promotions should be used. It is one way of introducing payers to new slot games they might not otherwise know of. Other reasons could be to introduce players to appreciate the prowess of a software provider. So you can put the slot machine to work, place a bet at video poker, or play the classic table game of online blackjack. You can also use your cash bonus on exciting scratch cards! These bonuses are fan favourites because of the diversity they offer. These are some of the most popular new member promotions available on UK online casino sites.

No Deposit Bonuses

Freebies are hard to resist. What’s better than getting something for nothing? This is the one exception to the too good to be true. The no deposit bonus is one of those online casino promotions that are good and true. With very minimal wagering requirements, you can take up this online casino offer, when available, and leave the casino with free real cash money. However, some online casino sites offer deposit bonuses, whereas some offer no deposit bonuses. If you sign up on a site that offers no deposit bonuses, you’re entitled to awards without having to invest. Whereas, if you consider deposit bonuses, you’ll have to invest the indicated first deposit pounds.

But, if you go down the route of claiming this sought after bonus, you cannot avoid reading any online casino terms and conditions attached to it. Why? This would prevent you from experiencing any issues should you convert your chance into cash. It is also one of the biggest areas that players tend to fall victim to. They act and then look perplexed if they aren’t able to cashout from the online casino. Another important aspect is to consider when these expire. Some of these bonuses last for a window of 72hours and even up to a week. As a responsible online casino player advocate, we offer you our free advice, because your enjoyment of your chosen selected operator on our list is important.

Mobile Online Casino

Have you ever been in the mood to play casino games, but your laptop isn’t around? That won’t be a problem anymore because your favourite casino games are right at your fingertips. Nowadays, the majority of the casino sites are accessible on your mobile and tablets. Yep, mobility is not only about being on social media. You can sit on a train and get lost in a live game of online Roulette. Take part in a Poker tournament instead of trying to count sheep. It’s hard to imagine life without being mobile.

However, to make this possible, the latest gadgets with HTML5 capabilities are important. You also need to have that extra space to download the all essential mobile casino app. Okay, you don’t necessarily have to get the casino app. Some online casinos forgo this by having a mobile web platform. It gives players the options to login whenever they want, funds their accounts and contact customer support. Other options include simply signing up as a new customer and claiming the mobile-based bonus.

Interactive mobile websites that are designed especially for iOS or Android have set the trend in the online casino industry. All mobile-web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Puffin, Yandrex, Maxthon, Brave can accommodate mobile gaming. Now, chances are, you’ll be a bit amazed to find that not all the web-based games can be found in the mobile version of the site. Mobile game software providers are continually working on increasing the games portfolio for their online casino counterparts. However, you are going to find the essentials such as favourite slots, RGN and Live table games and plenty of others like instant games, namely scratch cards.

Online Gambling Games

So, we’ve prattled on a bit about reviews, and even about mobile online casinos. Sure, if you are transitioning from a land-based to an online casino, this seems important. However, if you think about it, it’s still extremely important to know the gaming variety. We can’t neglect this crucial information that is essential when you play online casino games. Perhaps you might be partial to offline slot machines, but the choice in an online casino, can at times be overwhelming. Not only will notice the classic version of the game, but also the modern versions that are gaining traction. This also means that there are different rules to games that you once felt confident you knew like the back of your hand. But once you get to know the choices you face, you’ll be prepared to allocate the ones you are going to try. It also prevents you from gaming gluttony that eats away at your gambling bankroll. Here’s our list:

Slot Games

Slots, the graphically appealing and sub-culture inspired spins. They are also modifications of their offline slot machine counterparts still found in pubs and brick and mortar casinos. Their beginnings were manual, but online slots have gained a reputation akin to Poker. This can be seen through the variety of Twitch and Youtube streams where players show both their prowess or even fool-hardiness on online slot games. Whatever your stance, chances of trying out different slots to get to the bonus round is likely to happen. They tend to dot the homepage of many an online casino. You can even try the different ones in demo mode or just dabble in the free slots. Additionally, the current versions have multiple variations, that include progressive jackpots. These jackpots amplify the amount with every game and quickly accelerates it to even millions. Players test their luck on these in hope to gain the life-changing wins.

Slot machines are probably the most popular type of casino games in the UK today. They’re exciting and fun, and they don’t require any complicated strategies, and you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time learning the games and how they work.

Card Games

Playing cards is also one of the most common traditional games of all times. There are a huge number of gambling games that can be played using these and you can easily find their virtual versions on these sites. Games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more are available at every possible online casino site. Some sites also provide games that are played live, and they render a great deal of excitement among players. Games like Blackjack are hugely popular among more seasoned casino players as they are a bit more sophisticated and require a little bit of strategy.

Table games

Table games are also a great hit when it comes to online gambling games. Apart from card games, these can also be considered as one of the most popular games in land-based gambling spaces. From dropping the silver ball in Roulette to rolling a seven or eleven in Craps, you can find online casino virtual versions of every other table game. The online casino software is built in such a way to ensure fair play. Excitement is increased by the rapid pace of live dealer versions of table games. This is the social version of online table games, allowing players to chat and interact while playing. It also gives you the chance to test any of the strategies you might have gained during your research.

Other Games

You can also commonly find games like Bingo at online gambling sites due to their high popularity among UK players. In addition to this, you can also find games that are very high paced. They use the mechanism of instant wins using the least number of steps required. Scratch cards and games like lotto betting are also among one of these instant-win games. They are also highly preferred given the low amount of time required to finish the games.

New Online Casinos

The newer UK online casinos are not to be neglected. While reputation is gained through experience, you can still give room for change. If an online casino does not fully meet your needs, don’t feel compelled to simply complain and stay. There is bound to be more than just one casino that will meet your needs. Being new to the market, these newer casino sites put up amazing welcome offers and bonuses. However, they will also most likely have learnt from the competition. Through this, they can offer gambling platforms that utilise the latest technology. Additionally, they work with reputable providers or even have their own specialised gaming software. This means you can get exclusive games not found elsewhere with better RTP, which is an important aspect of any game. Customer support is also improved to accommodate the way new customers communicate.

With adequate licensing and proactive responsible gambling policies, these sites prove to be a welcome addition to the online casino industry. No longer do players have to contend with rogue operators, who leave them with a warped view of what a new online casino UK can be. With the enforcement of strict regulations in the UK, these casinos have to abide by some rules to continue running. To operate and continue their sales, these casinos play fair and thus can be relied upon. So, without a second thought, you can dive into these newer ventures and benefit from their welcoming perks. Again, we are here to provide help. Simply check out our through expert reviews to find your pick. Without sounding like we are tooting our own horn, but we provide detailed overviews that can help you decide for yourself which brand to pick on. You can also compare our reviews with other casino portals before you make your deicision on which new casino to go for.

Strict Security Rules for Casino Gaming Sites

There is an imposition of strict laws regarding permitting a license to the online casino sites for operating and marketing. The authorities inspect every new online casino to check if they are abiding by the regulations and laws or not. There are a few general security concerns among players regarding confidential data like their financial details. There can be other personal details too. An online casino must make sure that they always keep these details safe and protected.

For addressing these security concerns, every online casino makes use of encryption techniques to protect the confidential details of players. This prevents penetration or peeking into the profile of the player by hackers or masqueraders, thereby securing the data. Encrypting eliminates any possible risk that could be incurred while online gambling. As soon as a new customer registers on these sites, and makes any deposits, the website applies SSL encryption to ensure the safety of the process. Making use of encryption of firewalls is something that every online casino should abide by.

Site approval by eCOGRA or eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is one of the signs that can indicate a secure gambling site. It is a service that independently regulates the operations of online gambling sites to ensure fair play, data security, secure and reliable monetary transfers, and ethical code of conduct. If you come across a new online gambling site that is approved by eCORGA, you can make sure that the site is completely reliable.

Licensing For An Online Casino

British online gambling sites are governed by the tight laws enforced by the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission also protects vulnerable individuals, while also ensuring no unfair play. It also ensures the online casino is not at risk of promoting criminal activities which include money laundering or player identity theft. They ensure safety by inspecting the software and the policies to make sure that they are unbiased, transparent, and reliable.he same goes for other countries, like Canada and Australia.

Only after passing these tests, the online gambling sites are permitted a license for operation. For allowing the players of Great Britain to come onboard for online gambling, these sites must have a proper license. In online gambling, the player should necessarily ensure the credibility of the website before sharing their confidential details on it.

The best online casinos will always be found with credible licenses for gambling and links for responsible gambling organisations. Licensing online gambling is not an exception found only in Britain, it can be found in a lot of other countries as well. Countries like Malta, Denmark, Curacao, Italy, etc., also have strict online gambling regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Player Account Funding Options

Online Gambling sites have multiple options available for allowing safe and secure monetary transfers. For operations like making deposits or withdrawing the money they win, the sites must provide reliable payment options. Some of the most commonly used payment modes are debit cards and bank transfers. Among these, Visa and MasterCard are found to be the most widely accepted modes. E-wallets and prepaid cards like ApplePay, Paysafecard, and PayPal are also commonly used payment options for these sites. These modes being the payment options commonly used makes them easily available at an online casino site.

Bank transfers are highly accepted in such online gambling arenas as they are quick, easy, and reliable. However, some sites also allow making deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies as well. It is another way new casinos are proving to be technologically advanced compared to those who rarely want to change their systems. Other operators also partner with gaming services that impose restrictions on the limits of deposits. They help prevent compulsive habits and vulnerability from coming in the way during gambling. Some gambling sites offer certain welcome perks and bonuses based on the use of a particular payment mode. On the flip side, you cannot use certain e-wallets when intending to claim a bonus. That is why reading the bonus terms and conditions leave you less likely to taste the bitter taste of disappointment. There are no take-backs in these situations.

If you are looking for honest reviews, you can rely on us to provide you with the best online casino reviews. You can go through them and be well aware before signing up to a new site.

How Much Money Is Required To Start Gambling?

Online gambling sites usually have a minimum deposit limit which is the minimum amount you can put. Most sites have a very low minimum deposit required, especially for those who don’t want to put much on stake. You can start low and go on increasing when you are confident. However, you should always make sure that you only put in money that you can risk losing. If you plan to start playing online casino real money soon, do ensure that you are putting your money on reliable sites. It is always better to start with popular sites and then jumping on to newer ones when you are comfortable. Digging out the policies of an online casino site can help you be aware of all money related matters.

Online Casino FAQ

Is playing online casino games legal?

The laws regarding online gambling vary from country to country, depending upon their specific rules and guidelines. However, in the UK, an individual can indulge in online gambling if he/she is 18 or above 18 years of age. While it is rare to have a country where it is illegal, it is still better to check the local guidelines to be sure.

Is the amount won on online gambling taxable?

The laws that govern the taxation of money won in online gambling also differ from country to country. For people living in the UK, it’s clear. Winnings on gambling are not taxable, except those won from the national lottery. However, it is better to seek professional advice if you are not sure about the laws prevailing in your country.

Is it safe to use online gambling sites?

It is better to find out about the operator and its reputation within the gambling industry. While most sites are safe, there always are hackers that can sneak into sites with weak security systems. You should always check for reliable licenses like that from eCOGRA to make sure that they are safe to use or not.